XFP-02C-232 Specialized Machine for Thread Processing of Industrial Gas Cylinders


Machine tool features

Mechatronics design, beautiful and generous shape, reasonable mechanism, spindle using high rigidity bearing, reasonable design, high speed, frequency conversion speed regulation 45 ° inclined rail design, good rigidity, smooth cutting, can be connected to logistics conveyor lines, reduce workers’ labor. It adopts atomization cooling, good cooling effect, high internal cleanliness of the equipment, integral castings of the machine tool, and ultra-audio quenching of guide rails.

Spindle speedr/min600-800
Main motor powerKw7.5
The diameter of the machined workpiecemm219-232(customizable)
Machined workpiece length rangemm800-1600(customizable)
X/Z axis travelmm280/250
X/Z axis speed of movementm/min10
X/Z rail formKw60/60 rectangular rail
X/Z repeatability accuracymm0.007/0.008mm
Tool holder formFour-station electric knife holder or three-row row of knives
Machine tool dimensionsm4.5×2×2
Total machine weightmedical history4500kg


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