CNG Cylinder CNC threaded screw machine

  • Diameter range:φ104mm–φ159mm
  • Length range:300mm-1150mm
  • Main motor power:5.5KWconverter motor
  • Converter motor:z-axis :10M/MIN  X Stroke:10M/MIN
  • Tool holder: horizontal structure
  • Maximum clamping workpiece:159
  • Range of spindle speeds:100-1000r/min



1. Product Description

The machine is suitable for the bore of cylinder bottleneck, and processing of radial facing, inside-hole, cylindrical turning as well as threading, which are realized by NC programming. Single station device is adopted for input and output materials (semi-automatic); The workpiece clamping adopts the front top bowl positioning.
Machine processing
Step 1.Radial facing, cylindrical turning—finish the end face by the outer circular knife and turning of outer chamfer
Step 2.Inside hole–adopts lathe processing of inner hole of the inner hole cutter
Step 3.Threading –adopts thread tool


2. Technical parameter

1.Parameter of workpiece

(1) Diameter range:φ104mmφ159mm

(2) Length range:300mm-1150mm

2.Standard configuration of Machine tool and main Technical parameters of each component:

(1)CNC system adopts GSK 980TB3  domestic famous brands

 Two-axis servo control

(2)Other configurations:

2.1 Main motor power:5.5KWconverter motor

2.2 Converter motor:z-axis :10M/MIN  X Stroke:10M/MIN

2.3 Tool holder: horizontal structure

2.4 Maximum clamping workpiece:159

2.5 Range of spindle speeds :100-1000r/min

2.6 Trailing plate cylinder with bearing and axial feed top tightening workpiece

2.7 With dispensing cylinder (includes manual and semi-automatic functions). After processing, push the workpiece out of the inner hole of the main shaft.

2.8 The workpiece clamping adopts the front arc surface positioning and the rear arc positioning top tight.

2.9 Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device.

2.10 Schneider is used for gas components of a strong electric box.

2.11 Equipped with chip box (standard)

2.12 Equipped with atomization cooling device, the cooling effect of the workpiece is good ( 2 sets)

2.13 The processing area is fully closed and protected.

2.14 The machine tool is equipped with a three-color lamp.

2.15 The color of the machine tool shall be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard.

CNC threaded screw machine


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