426CNC neck turning and threading machines for natural gas cylinder necks


Machine tool features

Natural gas cylinder mouth thread processing machine The machine is suitable for the processing of gas cylinder mouth car end face, punching, car outer circle, car inner hole, car sealing table, car internal and external thread and other processes, the above processing is realized by CNC programming; The feeding and discharging device adopts a single-station feeding and feeding device to realize (semi-automatic/manual 2 states optional); The workpiece clamping adopts the front top bowl and the cylinder arc contact positioning, and the tail adopts the rear positioning to clamp the cylinder axial pressing method, and the workpiece is clamped in the middle of the two top bowls.

Workpiece range

Cylinder diameter rangemmΦ267–279-Φ325-406-416-Φ426(customizable)
Cylinder length rangemm1000-2200
Maximum weight of the cylinderMedical history500


Machining process planning.

Step 1: Turning end face. Turning external round — by the external round cutter to complete the end face, the external chamfering of the turning process.
Step 2: Hole drilling—U drill is used to drill the bottom hole.
Step 3 Precision turning of internal holes – turning of internal holes with internal cutters.
Step 4: Turning of internal threads – with external threading tools

Thread quality:

Thread machining shall not have defects such as missing teeth, sharp teeth, flat teeth, double lines of teeth, and so on.
Thread roughness must reach Ra3.2 level or above.
If the thread quality can not meet the requirements, the supplier is not responsible for the external reasons such as the blade, the workpiece material is soft or hard.


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