Desktop Metal Engraving Pneumatic DOT Peen Marking Machine


Product Description

The two-dimensional mechanism adopts linear steel motion guide rails, self-sealing, self-lubricating bearings, high reliability and wear resistance. The printing head is rotated 90 degrees on the workpiece.

longterm- marking machine


It is suitable for 360-degree marking on a wide variety of flat, micro-arc and cylindrical workpieces. The platform adopts roller lagging and is equipped with three-axis linkage fixtures for circumferential printing, realizing the high efficiency of one machine with multiple functions.

longterm- marking machine

Product Parameters

Marking scope:110×80mm(customrization any marking area )
Chuck size:360 degreen20-¢300mm( Having custom-made)
Marking depth:0.1~1mm(according to the workpiece material )
Marking accuracy:0.02mm
Marking speed:30~40mm/s
Pinhead hardness:HRA92
Power consumption:≤350w
Inputting air pressure:0.2~0.6Mpa()
Working Temperature:-10ºC~50ºC
Relative humidity:25ºC <85%
Computer:Supplying for oneself
/Size Total weight:370*340*100(mm);5.5kg
Control cubicle Size:customized

Use the windows operating system to input English characters, numbers, common symbols, graphics, etc. at will. Automatically print production date, serial number, VIN code, etc. The content is automatically stored and can be used for data query, statistical tracing, networking, and communication functions.

Finished product

longterm- marking machine



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