IV bottle CNC neck turning and threading machines


Bottle neck machining machine is a combination of our company’s 10 years of experience in the production of gas cylinder threading machine, can be used for plastic liner (IV bottle) bottle neck machining. It can be used for boring inner hole, chamfering inner angle, boring stepped inner hole, chamfering outer angle and other machining processes of bottle mouth. The machine tool adopts the integrated structure of machine, electricity and gas, and the overall layout is compact and reasonable, which is convenient for maintenance and repair; it is characterized by high speed, high precision and high rigidity, and the key outsourcing parts are all purchased through bidding, and the products of famous manufacturers are selected to ensure the precision and reliability of the machine tool.

Characteristics of machine tool

Processing workpiece: IV-type bottle
Workpiece material: high-density polyethylene plastic, nylon and other plastics
Workpiece diameter: Ø330mm-Ø1000mm
Length of workpiece: 810mm-3300mm;
Length of straight cylinder: 500mm-2500mm
Maximum weight of workpiece: ≤300Kg

Processing bottle nozzle standards, specifications on the size range capacity as follows:
2.1 Inner hole length: 20-150; (depth)
2.21 Bottle mouth inner diameter: 50-60MM
2.2 End face verticality: ≤ 0.02mm
2.3 Coaxiality of internal thread and internal sealing surface: ≤ Ø0.01-0.02mm
2.4 Inner hole roundness, cylindricity: ≤ Ø0.005mm


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