GPJ-406-CNG cylinder neck thread CNC machining machine


Machine tool features

•The equipment GPJ-406 is suitable for the head of natural gas cylinders, turning the outer circle, turning R arc, chamfering the outer corner, turning the end face, turning the inner hole, chamfering the inner corner, milling the inner thread and other processes, the above processing are realized by using numerical control programming; the use of stepping feeder to achieve the in and out of the material conveyor. The machine requires the user to provide the head of the cylinder after pre-processing, content for milling bottle mouth and drilling processing, bottle mouth length allowance of 3MM or less, boring allowance of 2-3MM.

•Processing object.
(1) Cylinder diameter range: Φ204mm~ Φ420mm
(2) Cylinder length range: 600mm ~ 2000mm (can be customized)
(3) Thread: Commonly used straight thread, taper thread
(4) Processing time: 165s/pc (take processing PZ27.8 bottle mouth as an example)

longterm-thread processing


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