Working Status of Metal Spinning


No matter which control method is adopted for CNC spinning, the determination and output of the spinning wheel pass depends to a large extent on the skilled skills of the operator. Therefore, CNC automatic programming technology will be an important research topic in the future. It should only input the shape of the workpiece, and the program can automatically input the spinning tool path, the shape, size and shape of the rotary wheel to determine and input the rotary wheel pass and Can spin out qualified products.

In the field of metal spinning, spinning is a new technology for chipless forming of metal products. This molding technology has the advantages of good deformation conditions, good product performance, small dimensional tolerance, high material utilization rate, and wide range of products. However, when the CNC spinning machine is processing, the mold will be deformed. Many people don’t know much about it. In fact, as long as the law of deformation is mastered, this deformation can be realized.

The structure design of the CNC spinning machine mold should be reasonable, the thickness should not be too disparate, and the shape should be symmetrical. For the CNC spinning machine mold with large deformation, it is necessary to grasp the deformation law and reserve a machining allowance. For large, precise and complex molds, a combined structure can be used. Reasonably select the heating temperature and control the heating speed. For precision and complex molds, slow heating, preheating and other balanced heating methods can be used to reduce the heat treatment deformation of the mold.

Spinning parts are generally rotary cylinders or discs, aluminum bottles are closed by spinning, and the blanks of spinning parts are usually thick-walled cylinders or circular sheets. The principle and structure of the spinning machine are similar to metal cutting lathes. At the position of the large carriage of the lathe, it is designed with a rotary wheel frame with axial movement power, and the rotary wheel fixed on the rotary wheel frame can move radially; a mandrel (shaft) is connected coaxially with the main shaft , The spinning blank is set on the mandrel (shaft).

The rotary wheel rotates reversely and passively through the friction force generated by the contact with the blank sleeved on the mandrel (shaft); at the same time, the rotary wheel frame moves axially under the action of the axial large thrust oil cylinder. Under the joint action of the axial force of the roller frame and the radial force of the roller, the surface of the blank is subjected to point-by-point continuous plastic deformation. At the position of the tail top support of the lathe, it is designed as a tail top hydraulic cylinder on the same axis as the main shaft, and the hydraulic cylinder is matched with the sleeve.

At present, the development of China’s CNC spinning machine industry can be described as in full swing. With the entry of foreign capital, aluminum bottle spinning in Zhejiang, the CNC spinning machine industry has experienced domestic competition and internationalization. The development of advanced CNC spinning machines, accelerating the development, promotion and application of green, CNC spinning machine products is the structural adjustment of my country’s CNC spinning machine industry; at the same time, building its own advantageous brand is also the sustainable development of the CNC spinning machine industry, CNC spinning machine An important issue for enterprises to deal with competition. China’s CNC spinning machine industry will face huge opportunities and challenges, and the resulting huge commercial benefits have also become the focus of attention of CNC spinning machine manufacturers.


Between review and prospect, the development trend of my country’s CNC spinning machines in 2017 has shown:

1. After vigorously cultivating the domestic consumer market in 2015, China’s policy on the real estate market began to return rationally. This will be a major measure to accumulate stamina and squeeze bubbles for the development of China’s CNC spinning machine industry. Will have a profound impact on the industry;

2. With the implementation of various national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection will be implemented from the slogan to the actual performance of the market. This is a huge opportunity and challenge for China’s CNC spinning machine industry, and it will also become China’s An important milestone in the upgrading of CNC spinning machine industry and the conversion of export enterprises to domestic sales;

3. After nearly 30 years of development, China’s CNC spinning machine industry has begun to shift from product competition to channel competition, from industry brand competition to capital and service competition;

4. The product structure of China’s CNC spinning machine industry will present a regionally differentiated competition, and brand building in each region will enter the agenda of relevant places;

5. With the successive opening up of the national energy-saving policy, CNC spinning machines will enter the era of large-scale market explosion from the past when they only made money but did not make money.


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