Protective measures for automatic spinning machine heat treatment workshop


To operate the automatic spinning machine, you should be very familiar with the position of the emergency stop button switch, so that you can press it without looking for it whenever you need to use it, and the machine tool must be powered off before installing the fuse. There must be enough working space to avoid danger. Water or oil can make the ground slippery and cause danger. In order to prevent accidents, the working ground should be kept clean and dry.

Danger: Do not touch control devices, transformers, motors, junction boxes, high-voltage terminals and other live parts with hands (or non-insulating objects), otherwise it will cause accidents. Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise, it will cause damage.

Be sure to make sure before using the switch, don’t make a mistake, and don’t touch the switch randomly. If a task needs to be completed by more than two people, then, in every step of the operation, we know that the automatic spinning machine is equipped with many devices to prevent the operator and equipment from being injured and damaged.


Protective measures for automatic spinning machine heat treatment workshop!

1) Formulate and implement electrical equipment electricity regulations, including joint pins for opening the furnace door, grounding of the furnace shell, protection against electric shock, shielding of high-frequency equipment, leakage protection of high-voltage electricity, and protection of control cabinets, etc., in order to Guarantees the safety of persons and equipment. Insulated labor measures and protective equipment should be taken at the production and operation site.

2) Fuel furnaces and controlled atmosphere furnaces should be explosion-proof, including preventing gas and controlled atmosphere from tempering and flameout, preventing gas and controlled atmosphere from being caused by improper operation of the exhaust process of controlled atmosphere furnaces, aluminum tube spinning machine production, Prevent the flammable atmosphere remaining in the furnace from being accidentally ignited after the controllable atmosphere furnace and the gas furnace are shut down. Appropriate control devices should be set up for this purpose.

3) To prevent being destroyed under high temperature operation, equip with necessary labor protection articles.

4) To prevent the direct damage to the operator caused by the early reporting, handling, use and reaction products of the materials, establish corresponding operation and storage procedures.

5) Prevent direct damage from dust generated by sandblasting and other processes. The equipment should be airtight and ventilated to remove dust.


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