Indian Clients Visit CNG Production Equipment Factory

We were delighted to welcome esteemed guests from India to our state-of-the-art CNG production equipment factory. The visit marked a significant opportunity to showcase our advanced manufacturing capabilities and
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longterm thread screw machine

Updated news of CNC threading machinery

We are delighted to share updated news from Wuxi Longterm Side. As now it is about to be the end of this year, we have a lot of threading machine
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longterm type-3-cng-cylinder-production-line

Type 3 cng cylinder visiting from Russia client

Our Russia clients came to visit us for type 3 cng cylinder production line this week. we have cooperatd for years, and they are planning to set up a
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Customer visit for CNG cylinder making machines

Last week, our customer came to our workshop to check our CNG cylinder making machine: hot spinning machine, letter stamping machine. Next day, we visited our Chinese customer factory
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Shipping about custmized CNG gas cylinder machine

  Our factory is going to arrange shipping about custmized CNG gas cylinder stamping/embossing machine and scraper type hot spinning machine by tomorrow. Here sharing some pictures and video
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Enhancing Efficiency and Precision: The Role of CNG Cylinder Stamping Machines

Introduction: It is important to ensurie safety, reliability, and traceability of CNG cylinders in the realm of compressed natural gas (CNG) industries. A crucial component in achieving these objectives
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Do you know High-Pressure Cylinder Spinning?

What do you know about the high pressure cylinder spinning machine? High-pressure cylinder spinning machines and roller spinning are two different techniques used in metalworking processes, particularly for shaping
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Customer visit in Uzbekistan

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting our valued clients in Uzbekistan. We received a warm welcome from their team and a full tour of their factory. During our
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Indian customer came to visit our CNG cylinder making machine

Indian customer came to visit our CNG cylinder making machine. We took him to our customer’s factory who purchased our machine in China so that he can see the
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Working Status of Metal Spinning

No matter which control method is adopted for CNC spinning, the determination and output of the spinning wheel pass depends to a large extent on the skilled skills of
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