Advantages of seamless cylinder thread screw machine


We are excited to introduce our latest CNC threaded screw machine, it is special design for cylinder neck hole and screw threading making.

Here is the workshop and machine running video for your reference:

longterm- thread screw machine

Sample of Cylinder:
Diameter range: 219–426mm
Cylinder  Length range: 700-2300mm (concave bottom of gas cylinder)
Working  speed: 8 minutes/piece
longterm- thread screw machine
  • Tool holder: It adopts the form of 6163-200 four-station electric tool holder + 3 rows of tools.
  • Spindle motor: This machine is equipped with a high-performance variable frequency motor, which has the advantages of high speed, strong overload capacity, fast starting and braking speed, and smooth operation.
  • Spindle drive: It adopts high-precision synchronous belt drive, stable speed, and is equipped with a high-performance encoder with constant linear speed function, which is equipped with the system.
  • Centralized lubrication: The guide rail pair and ball screw pair of the turning part adopt single-line damping type, which is accurate, fully reliable, and the lubrication cycle can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the user, which is convenient to use. (Made in Taiwan)
  • Feeding Hydro cylinder: equipped with magnetic ring cylinder, the output force meets the product weight requirements of the buyer.
  • Pneumatic flap loading and unloading frame: The machine tool adopts pneumatic flap loading and unloading. Improve production efficiency (lifting and lowering are controlled by servo motor, and the flap is driven by cylinder).
  • longterm- thread screw machinelongterm- thread screw machine
  • (1)The CNC system adopts Beijing KND1000Tci-D, China brand.
    (2) Other configurations: 3-axis servo control
    2.1 Main motor power: 22KW variable frequency motor (domestic brand).
    2.2 Rapid moving speed: Z axis: 10M/MIN X direction travel: 10M/MIN.
    2.3 Tool holder: 6163-200 four-station electric tool holder + two tool rows
    2.4 Maximum clamping workpiece: 426
    2.5 Spindle speed range: 100-500r/min
    2.6 Equipped with tail lift plate oil cylinder, axial feed and tightening workpiece.
    2.7 Equipped with discharge cylinder (including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic functions) to push the workpiece out of the spindle inner hole after processing.
    2.8 The workpiece clamping positioning adopts front arc surface positioning and rear arc positioning and tightening.
    2.9 Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device.
    2.10 The power box adopts Schneider and Delixi brand electrical components.
    2.11 Equipped with chip removal box (standard, with rollers under the box for easy access)
    2.12 Equipped with atomization cooling device, the tool cooling effect is good (3 sets).
    2.13 The processing area is fully enclosed for protection.
    2.14 The machine is equipped with a three-color alarm light.
  • longterm- thread screw machine

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