Advantages of cylinder letter stamping machine


Here introduce some advantages about our stamping machine, please kindly check it. 

  1. Characters are easy to change, more flexible, If some characters are broken or need to be replaced, our workers can replace them at any time without affecting efficiency.

longterm-letter stamping machine

longterm-letter stamping machine

  1. No missing letters when it is running. 

The disadvantages of the western fully automatic stamping machine.

For automatic stamping machine, it is possible that will have letters missing issue. for some letters need to be changed, the system need time to find the correct letters. But at the same time, the machine is running, if the time for finding correct letter is longer than expected, it is possible that will have missing letters issue

But our letter exchange is by manual. When will exchange the letter, the machine is not running. So it wont have letter missing issue. 

Running of stamping machine:

longterm-letter stamping machine

Electrical control

  1. The control system is PLC control, PCL is the Japanese Mitsubishi system, LCD color touch display, can realize automatic positioning, position value can also be input through the keyboard, and can realize automatic counting of class output.
  2. Electronic encoder automatic detection—signal transmission—automatic editing, the detection accuracy is ±0.25mm (circumferential and radial), and the printing line spacing deviation is within 3mm.
  3. The power supply is three-phase five-wire system, 380v, 50hz
  4. The total power of the equipment is about 15kw

Datails of the machine:

longterm-letter stamping machine


longterm-letter stamping machine

If you have any needs or are interested at our machines, please feel free to contact us, hope our machine can help your business in the near future.


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