232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine



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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine


Technical specification

This machine is designed for cylinder’s necking-in and bottom closure of high pressure cylinders, CNG cylinder as well as the other pressure vessels. The maximum applicable diameter is 406mm, and the maximum spinning length is 2000 mm, its controlling system adopts Siemens PLC.

Spinning diameterMax. 406mm
Spinning diameterMin. 232mm
Spinning lengthMax. 2000mm
Spinning lengthMin. 800mm
Starting wall thicknessMax. 15mm
Starting wall thicknessMin. 5mm
Spinning cycle (incl. load/unloading/necking-in)Max. 2.5min
Equipment centre height1235mm
Main spindle drive144KW
Axial stroke of sliding block65mm
Radial stroke of sliding block17mm
Radial clamping force1200KN
Main spindle speed (Variable)0-600rpm
Axial feed force of die246KN
Max. mould axial feed-in speed30°/s
Mould rotating angle0-100°
Hydraulic motor90KW
Proportional speed regulated reversing valveItaly ATOS
Connected electrical load3*380V, 50Hz
Heating power of the pipe end500KW/1000Hz
Connected pneumatic load6 bar
232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
The tube blank is sent to the feeding position by the conveying line, the turning frame holds the tube blank, the tube blank is automatically rolled into the rotating frame, the feeding machine trolley moves forward, and the tube blank is automatically clamped and sent to the heating furnace (automatic positioning), and the clamp Tightly loosen and rotate the heating, the heating time is about 2 minutes (infrared thermometer monitoring), when the temperature reaches the temperature, the mechanical trolley clamps the tube blank and backs it up, loosens it after it is in place, the trolley moves back to the original position, and the turning cylinder lifts the tube blank and turns it over. Under the rotating material rack, the tube blank is automatically rolled into the V-shaped groove of the turning material.

232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning MachineIt is mainly composed of conveying mechanism, intermediate frequency heating system, feeding device, spindle mechanism, rotary die device, turning device , automatic heating device, discharging device and discharging pusher , hydraulic system , electrical system , thin oil Lubrication system , etc.

conveying mechanism

The conveying mechanism is mainly composed of a material distribution rack, an intermediate frequency heating table, a clamping heating trolley, a feeding rack, and a feeding rack.
After the blanking is completed, the fixed-length tube blanks enter from the conveying line and are arranged on the distribution rack. 4-5 billets can be stacked at the same time. After the distribution mechanism, one at a time enters the intermediate frequency heating bench, and the clamping heating trolley will The tube blank is clamped into the intermediate frequency induction furnace. After the heating temperature is in place, the clamping heating trolley will hold the tube blank and drag it out of the intermediate frequency furnace. The groove is ready for spinning.
The conveying mechanism is simple in structure and quick in execution. The clamping and heating trolley adopts a high-rigidity single-girder box-beam side support structure, which is not easy to deform, multi-point support, and runs more smoothly. The motor and the frequency converter perform the action, the speed is adjustable, and the anti-overlap device is installed on the clamping frame to avoid the over-lap of the heating short pipe. A geared motor is installed under the heating platform, and the roller is driven by the chain to realize the low-speed rotation of the tube blank and the forward and reverse heating, so as to avoid the phenomenon of uneven heating of the tube end.

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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine

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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine
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232 406 Neck in Roller Type Hot Spinning Machine


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