High Quality Seamless CNG Cylinders Embossing, Letter Stamping Machine

Embossing Machine
Applicable Industries
Manufacturing Plant
Showroom Location
Egypt, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria
Video outgoing-inspection
Machinery Test Report
Marketing Type
New Product 2020
Warranty of core components
1 Year
Core Components
PLC, Engine, Gearbox


Product Description

Hardness of CNG cylinder after quenching and tempering
Cylinder diameter range
φ219mm- φ406mm
Length range
Thickness range
5-12 mm
Weight of cylinder

1) Embossing production beat (including loading and unloading time):

1. First row of 70-90 pcs/hour
2. Second row 50~70 pcs/hour
3. Three rows of 35~45 pcs/hour
4. Four rows of 30-40 pcs/hour
2) The diameter of WORD rolling wheel is 650mm,The word code is arranged in a row, 200 characters can be arranged without spaces
1. Mitsubishi system PLC control, LED display, can realize automatic positioning, position value can also be input through the keyboard, can realize automatic counting of class output.
2. Electronic encoder automatic detection-signal transmission-automatic editing, the detection accuracy is ±0.25mm (circumferential and radial), and the deviation of stamping line spacing is within 3mm.
3. The power supply is three-phase five-wire system, 415V, 50HZ
4. The total power of the equipment is about 15KW.


More Products

Hot spinning machine
Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine include: Intermediate Frequency Heating Equipment, Thermal-Spinning Forming Machine, Bottom Pushing Machine, etc. Total power for Complete Equipment is about 200Kw, installation area is 13000 x 8000mm.
CNG threaded screw machine
1. The machine is suitable for bore of cylinder bottleneck, and processing of radial facing, inside-hole, cylindrical turning as well
as threading, which are realized by NC programming.
2. Single station device is adopted for input and output materials(semi-automatic);
3. The work piece clamping adopts the front top bowl positioning.


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