QSW-2 CNG external water pressure testing system

  • Testing pressure:0~60MPa(adjustable)
  • Testing efficiency:16~20pcs/hour(2 main engine,four water jacket,50L CNG cylinder as a example)
  • Working air source pressure:6~1.0MPa;
  • Working gas source flow:5 m3/min;
  • Watervolume measurement accuracy:≤0.1g;
  • External power supply voltage:220V /50Hz;
  • Internal pressure sealed threaded joint;
  • CNG cylinder range:Diameter:Φ219-425mm,Length:L600-2200mm;
  • Working medium:water;
  • Max design pressure:60MPa;
  • Pressure increasing rate:≥0.25MPa/s



Performance requirements

  • Touch screen man-machine interface control;
  • Gas cylinder externalwater pressure testing with water jacket inflatable rubber ring type sealing device;
  • Cylindermouth use internal pressure sealed threaded joint;
  • Configure the pressure fine-tuning mechanism to effectively calibrate the equipment;
  • It adoptsthe weighing method to automatically read the weight of the empty bottle, the weight of the bottle plus water, automatically calculate the volume;
  • It adopts principle of the tanker to inject water, the operation is convenient, and the water injection efficiency is high;
  • It adopts computer to automatically control the water pressure test of the gas cylinder;
  • Automatically collect water quantity (deformation value), pressure and time data sets and save them;
  • Dynamically display time/water volume, time/pressure, water volume/pressure curve during testing process.
  • Automatically calculate the residual deformation rate of the testedcylinder and determine the experimental results, and automatically save all test data;
  • Automatically generate and output waterpressure testing report (EXCEL format);
  • The testingdata is permanently stored. At any time, the test process, results, and re-generation of test reports can be queried according to the relevant CNG cylinder data (such as testing date, CNG cylinder number, batch number, etc.);
  • Computer remote control and maintenance;

The external water pressure testing machine for CNG cylinders is designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T9251-2011 “Cylinder water pressure test method” and the US DOT standard (reference), which can conduct external water pressure tests on cylinders of different specifications.


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