LTM G 406 CNG cylinder hot spinning machine (Roller)

Diameter: DN325~406mm

Length: 800~2000mm

Thickness: 5~18mm

Main power: 144KW

Spindle speed: 700 rpm

Control method: CNC



LTM G406

Main technical parameter:

Material: 30CrMo、35CrMo、42CrMo、34CrMo4、35CrNi3MoV etc

Tube OD: Max.406mm

Tube OD: Min.325mm

Tube thickness: Max.18mm

Tube thickness: Min.5mm

Initial running length: Max.2000mm

Initial running length: Min.800mm

Central height: 1200mm

Main engine power: 144KW

Roller rotation angle:100°

Control methods: CNC

Machine dimension: 18000 x 2000 x 1600mm

Heating type:Single-hole induction heating



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LTM G 406 hot spinning machine


Bearing adopts “Wafang” bearing brand;

220KW main motor adopts Xima brand from Xian,China;

Spindle drive belt adopts OPT brand from Germany;

Siemens CNC system;

Siemens DC device;

Siemens low voltage appliances;

Omron detection switch;

U.S. MTS Built-in Displacement Sensor;

Italy ATOS Proportional Speed Control Valve;

hydraulic valve from “yuciyouyan”or ”Beijing Huade”;


Mid-frequency heating induction furnace


1、Medium frequency power supply;

2、Single-hole heating furnace

3. With insulation protection inductance


Auto steel pipe heating device


1. Material splitting device

2. Auto. heating mechanical arm

3. Steel pipe rotation heating device

4. Material feeding frame

5. Material dialing device


Finished sample


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