LTM D 180 fire extinguisher hot spinning machine

Main parameter:

1. Material: 34CrMo4 (35CrMo), 37Mn, 30CrMo
2. Parameter:
A. Diameter: 89~180mm
B. Length: 330~1250mm
C. Thickness: 3~6mm
D. General capacity: 50 seconds per cylinder (incl. loading & unloading time)



LTM D180


LTM D180 hot spinning machine is special used for producing fire extinguisher from  DN89 to DN180. Our machine adopts the different structure of forming, such as template forming, roller forming, template +roller forming. Our machine can guarantee the good capacity and qualified forming.

Hot spinning machine1 setCapacity: Ø 89-180
Template device1 setHydraulic
roller device1 setFor all sizes
heating system1 setHeating gas: propane gas or natural gas
loading device1 setFor all sizes limited to 1.25m
unloading device1 setFor all sizes limited to 1.25m
rotation “V” rack1 set
cooling& lubricating system1 set
Intermediate frequency furnace1setPower 160KW,
power cabinet1pcs
heating furnace head I1setFor Ø89- Ø133mm cylinder
heating furnace head II1setFor Ø140- Ø180 cylinder
auto thermometry system1set
Pour slag machine1set
Bottom forming machine1set
main machine1setAdopting 4 column frame structure
rotation ’V” rack1set
Hydraulic station1set
Electronic control system1set
Power cabinet1pcs
operation control cabinet1pcs
Transition auxiliary1set
distribution fame1pcs
pushing rack before furnace1pcs
middle transition rack4pcs

Option: Bottom pressing machine

1. The max pressure for bottom pressing: 150Ton

2. The max traveling distance for bottom pressing: 150mm

3. Main structures: the bottom pressing machine consists of the main frame, inner mould driving

and reversing device, auxiliary tightening device, rotating V-frame etc…

4. Main features: machine main body adopts 4-column structure; the moulds are made from

3Cr2W8V; different sizes of cylinder requires different thickness V-frame, sleeves, and inner and outer mould.

5. The max length of the tube can be 1250mm.


Finish sample

Mouth closing

Bottom pressing


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