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LONGTERM is the manufacturer in the field of hot spinforming machinery in China, with a well established reputation for outstanding performance.

Recognized worldwide for its proprietary design and manufacturing know how. LONGTERM has been involved in this industry since 1990. We got here on the basis of providing strong support to clients who buy our machinery.

When you 'down' - our job is get you back 'up'

Servicing on our machinery has been greatly facilitated by advances in remote control software. This allows us to troubleshoot issues half way around the world and gets you up and running in time frames!

We understand what our customers need to stay competitive:

  • Custom quality parts
  • At an affordable rate
  • In the fastest possible

Meeting these goals requires precision in everything we do.

We are proud to offer these hot spinforimng services. But more importantly, we're proud we've helped our customers meet their component manufacturing demands, to grow their business.

Our industry

Machine type

LTM D180 is special used for making fire extinguisher.


LTM G SERIES (roller) for producing CNG cylinder

LTM M SERIES (template) for CNG cylinder


LTM G+ SERIES is used for producing long pipe

Running video

Machine detail

Template forming

Roller forming

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